What Makes JOOLS unique?

Fully Backed

JOOLS are denominated in corresponding world currencies with EuroJOOLS being the first currency created and implemented. With integrated banking relationships, the JOOLS cryptocurrency will maintain a fixed rate of 1:1 of digital to fiat currency.

Currency Control Board

All EuroJOOLS are fully backed by a national currency (Fiat Currency). To assure the security and integrity of the assets, a Digital Currency Control Board composed of world renowned bankers and economists will manage the funds in an independent fiduciary capacity.

Full Exchange

An exchange will allow the buying and selling of JOOLS and other crypto currencies. This crypto exchange will function along the lines of other crypto exchanges, with the added option of using JOOLS to buy crypto in EURO pricing.



Ten years before anyone ever heard of Bitcoin, there was the JOOLS crypto currency method, designed and based upon the model hypothesized by a world renowned libertarian economist and writer, first defined the model in his book “The End of Money”.

Our Team

The key players in the management and advisory positions have backgrounds in legal, anti-money laundering, banking, IT project management, crypto currencies and business startups. Additionally, numerous other industry professionals have been identified who will join us once the Pre-ICO is successful.

ICO Goals

JOOLS is seeking €2 million in the Pre-ICO for the purpose of finalizing the creation of the full business infrastructure for the organization and exchange, agreements, licenses, compliance, beta testing, issuance of JOOLS FAMILY coins, augmented staffing, and financial integration for both the JOOLS organization and the exchange. As detailed in our whitepaper, a €50 million full ICO will be initiated in order to fully implement the retail, P2P, and B2B penetration of our defined markets.

The Pre ICO will begin soon